Choosing the right generator


Winter is over and Spring is finally here!   We can say goodbye to the snow, ice and cold winds that often bring power outages.   Don’t let the sunshine and beautiful flowers fool you.  Spring and Summer can also bring storms and high winds that can take down power lines and leave us without electricity.  Often for days. 

It may be a good time to think about a generator.  One of the most common questions that we get is: 


What are the different kinds of generators and how do I know which one is right for me?


There 2 basic types of generators:


generac portable generator outside garage

The Portable generator runs on a gas-powered engine that turns an on-board alternator to generate power.  This type of unit has outlets that allow you to plug extension cords, to power appliances, tools, etc. These generators are great for smaller scale events like blackouts, brownouts, and short-term power outages.  They are also great for everyday use.  A portable generator can provide lighting for an outdoor party or is a handy source of extra power wherever you may need it.

generac 22 kilowatt standby generator on side of house

The Standby generator is a back-up system that can power the whole house or business office and operates automatically.  These generators are run on natural gas or propane and come on automatically within seconds of a power outage.  An automatic transfer switch senses the power loss and sends out a command to start the generator.  The electrical load will be transferred to the generator and it will begin to supply power to the circuits.

Reasons to buy a standby generator:


  • Losing electricity means more than just no lights. For residential customers it can mean no heat or cooling, no cooking, no hot water, disabled medical equipment, no cold food storage, etc.   For commercial customers it can mean no computers, no point of sale program, no alarms, no refrigeration, no customers. Any interruption in our electrical service whether it is by a natural disaster or an event caused by man can be divesting. A standby generator responds within seconds of losing power. 
  • Safety-Home or business alarms have batteries that may only last a day, but a standby generator will keep your property protected without interruptions.
  • Protection against moisture or water damage- Water often rushes into basements and cellars during a storm. Sump pumps stay on and you avoid costly water damage. 
  • Critical and luxury items stay on. Appliances like your refrigerator and stove stay on so that your food is kept cool and meal preparation can go on as usual.  You can even make sure that you don’t miss your favorite TV shows.
  • The transfer switch does all the work for you. No need to run cords from room to room or move a portable generator around. Within seconds of a power outage, the transfer switch transfers the load from the generator to your home or business. 

A licensed electrician at Fronius Electric can provide more information that will help you decide what kind of generator would best serve your home or business needs.  Call Fronius Electric today at 508-444-8144 or contact us for more information and to receive your free estimate.     

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Choosing the right generator

Winter is over and Spring is finally here!   We can say goodbye to the snow, ice and cold winds that often bring

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