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The need and desire for alarm systems has evolved exponentially on Cape Cod. Fronius Electric has created an Alarm Division to suit the need for a local trusted company that residents can rely on to provide these services. Our goal is to provide our customers with a system designed to code and to scale that will help protect your home.

Alarm Monitoring Services

We offer around the clock alarm monitoring to keep your property protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In the event of an alarm at the property you will be notified by phone and if necessary, the appropriate emergency personnel will be dispatched. While this is entirely optional for residential alarms, it provides an added layer of protection and most importantly, peace of mind for the homeowner. Most homeowners insurance companies incentivize alarm monitoring, and offer discounts based on the layers of protection incorporated into the system.

Fire Alarm

Nothing is more important than keeping your home and family safe.

Commercial and Residential low voltage fire alarm systems designed to code protect against fire, carbon monoxide and rapid rise in temperature. While commercial systems are required to be monitored by a UL Central Station, homeowners can elect to have their systems monitored. In the event of an emergency, necessary personnel will be dispatched to the property.

Security Systems

Let us help design a system to address your concerns and help keep your property secure.

Security systems are installed to scale; they can be as complex or as basic as you are conformable with. We offer perimeter and intrusion detection devices, security cameras, and the capability to have the system monitored 24-7 by UL Central Station. Should an emergency arise, you will be notified, and the necessary personnel will be dispatched to your property.

Water Sensors

Water leaks can be devastating to your home or business.

Water sensors can be incorporated into your system to alert you of the presence of water. Typically these are installed in areas prone to water leaks; under sinks, in basements, and around important mechanics such as furnaces or water heaters. If you choose to monitor your system, you will receive a call notifying you that water has been detected in one of these locations so you can address it immediately.

Low Temperature Sensors

Frozen plumbing can cause serious damage to homes

With many homes on Cape Cod being second properties, a homeowner might set the heat at a low temperature while they are away. Low temperature at your property can cause numerous problems, not just frozen pipes. Did you know that certain devices need to be kept within fixed temperatures to ensure functionality, and that batteries drain faster in cold temperatures? Our sensors can be installed to trigger when the property dips to 40 degrees. Let us install and monitor these devices to ensure nothing freezes up.

Security Cameras

Monitor your home from anywhere for peace of mind.

Security cameras are quickly becoming most popular with homeowners. While cameras don’t eliminate the need for a burglar alarm, they can help improve a home’s security design. Cameras can be installed both indoors and outdoors, be hardwired or Wi-Fi capable, and can be remotely viewed with apps or cloud footage being stored on the cloud. Another popular option are video doorbells, which function the same way and can be installed with your existing doorbell wiring.

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