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Landscape Lighting on Cape Cod

outdoor landscaping illuminated by low voltage lighting

Why install Landscape Lighting?

Low voltage landscape lighting will add beauty, safety, and value to any home. Accentuate the landscape aspects you love so much during the day, while keeping your property well lit at night. A professionally designed and installed system will add value to your home.

What are the benefits of low voltage lighting?

Create new focal points throughout your property; enjoy your yard year round

Create dramatic scenery at night, accentuate the change of seasons with just the right combination of lighting and shadows

Add security, well lit properties are not inviting targets to criminals

12 volt lighting is inexpensive to operate

low voltage lighting illuminating walkway at night
outdoor grill illuminated with green light

How does low voltage lighting work?

Landscape lighting works through a combination of transformers, conductors, and lamps. Transformers reduce the power to 12-volts, requiring less energy to run. The conductors are the wiring supplied with each light. The wires are buried no less than 12” in the ground. Using the correct size wiring can make the difference between poorly designed and a professionally lit system. Choosing the right lamps is a vital part of the process. Customers may choose from a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles to perfectly match the landscape.

Common types of lighting

Up lighting – create focal points on the property with shadows and silhouettes

Path Lighting – use attractive lighting to illuminate paths and walkways throughout the landscape

Niche Lighting – Light decks, gazebos, and fire pit areas

Step/Wall Lighting – create visual appeal and light dark areas

Moon lighting – lighting placed in trees to mimic nature

outside of home light by landscape lighting

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