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What is a mini split system?

Mini-splits are unique cooling systems that allow you to control the temperatures in individual rooms or spaces.  The air controller and thermostat are located inside, and the compressor/condenser/fan functions are outside.  The unit is “split”. Thus, the name, Mini-Split.

Why choose a Mini Split installation over a window unit?

  • They are more secure than window units. This not only regarding intruders, but there are less openings for dust and pest to enter.
  • Higher levels of functionality like timers, sleep function and dehumidifiers to allow you to customize your settings.
  • Less expensive to operate than window units.
  • Most Mini Splits are designed to both heat and cool allowing for year-round comfort.
  • Many Styles offer rebates.
  • The sleek designs of the Mini Split units make them less obtrusive than window units.
  • A window unit is just that. It must go in the window. The Mini Split has increased placement options.
living room with mini split installation in ceiling

How do I know which mini split is right for me?

It is important to have a professional do a load analysis to determine the electrical requirements as well as placement and number of interior and exterior units.  These consultations and estimates are done free of charge.

How long does a Mini Split Installation take?

Installation is typically not more than two days but depends on the number of interior units. Weather can also affect installation as part of the unit remains outside.

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